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Fact Slam

  • Can close entire timeloops permanently, making the inhabitants lost forever.
  • There is no known way to kill this baddy!


Alduin is a big scary dragon and first appeared in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He is known to the Nords of Skyrim as the harbinger of the apocalypse, and the creator of dragon civilization.


All Hail, King of the Dragons

The Dragons once ruled over Skyrim, and Alduin was their king. He was best friends with Paarthurnax, and made him general in the dragon army. However he wasn't ready for the big betrayal.

The Dragon War

The first recorded appearance of Alduin was in the Dragon War of Skyrim, where the Nords rose up against the evil dragons that had ruled over them. The Nords lost every battle, and eventually there were only a couple left. But there was a big suprise! Paarthurnax turned on Alduin and taught the Nords the dragon shout to timeloop the dragons! Alduin would not be a problem for a long time... but he would be back eventually.

Big Boom at Helgen

During the execution day at Helgen when some of the Stormcloak leaders and the Last Dragonborn were about to lose their lives, Alduin reappeared and attacked! The entire town of Helgen was lost, and Alduin freed Ulfric Stormcloak and the Last Dragonborn, which was a BIG mistake on his part.

The Dragonborn Comes

Alduin faces the Last Dragonborn.

Alduin went around the country and resurrected the dragons but he was in for a big shock. The Dragonborn killed every single one of those dragons! Alduin fled to the Nord heaven, Sovngarde, but the Last Dragonborn found the way there too. He hit Alduin so hard he sent him to back to the infinity timeloop, where it was thought he would be trapped forever.


There have been rumored sightings of Alduin near the Raj Mahal. Could be dangerous if Virus needs to go there!


Alduin is evil, narcissistic, and mean! He was a good general but very evil which caused some of the dragons to turn on him. He hates humans!


Alduin can use his breath to burn and freeze his foes. He can also use fus roh dah like the legendary Dragonborn. He can also summon a storm of meteors from the infinity timeloop. If he is grounded, he can use his tail to whip his enemies back in shape.



"Face me then! Zu'u Alduin! (I am Alduin)"

"I am eternal! I cannot end!"

"Cowardly mortals! Treacherous Paarthurnax!"

"I am evil!"