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  • Not to be confused with their much more powerful relative, the Buster Beetle.
  • Loves dark places, like the cave!


Buzzy Beetles are from the infinity timeloop and are much stronger than many of the normal enemies in the Mushroom Kingdom. Although they have pledged their allegiance to the Koopas, they secretly serve their dark lord, Abigor.


Super Mario Bros.

Mario encountered a lot of these guys in his first big adventure. He had a really tough time fighting them, but he made it through all the same.

Super Mario Bros. 2

The Buzzy Beetles tried to stop Mario again, but he was lucky enough to survive all their attacks.


Buzzy Beetles have many dark powers that have not been showcased in any games, but lore books confirm that they can manipulate time to their own will to a certain extent. They can also resist many of the elements that would kill any normal buggers.