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Fact Slam

  • In an ironic twist, the wrenches (which are meant to fix things) appear in Wrecking Crew!
  • For failing to defeat Uncle Tony and Papa Mario, these baddies were banished into the timeloop!


The Gotchawrenches are timelooping assassins, first appearing in Wrecking Crew. They are known for having almost no morals, and will take almost any contract.


Wrecking Crew

The Gotchawrenches are hired by King Koopa to kill Papa Mario, retroactively erasing Mario's existence. After failing to defeat Papa, they were banished into the infinity timeloop.


Virus and Raj will likely encounter Gotchawrenches when they travel through the infinity timeloop.


The Gotchawrenches can climb around, chasing their target until they hurt them! They are much stronger in large groups.