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Fact Slam

  • He came from a place called Charlote.
  • His boy Kevin bought a lot.
  • They gonna hit it down like the bartamatch.
  • He got a big tan.
  • Main man to get you out of that rant.
  • T-Dub exists on a level above the average human.
  • T-Dub invented rap.


T-Dub is a famous rapper from a place called Charlotte. He is known for having a friendly rivalry with both Mario and Gabario. T-Dub is known for having an exceptional flow and dope lyricz.


T-Dub grew up in Charlotte, but moved to the big A-Town (Big Apple Town, AKA New York) during high school. He had a big raims, which was actually a big taims. He also owned a Big Tuper. He went to school with Mario, and at one point got an A on a test whilst Mario got a C. On the test was a question about T-Dub's boy Seth. Eventually after high school, he and his friend Kevin, who had a mog against Tony Hawk, were going to have a bartamach. Eventually, Tony Hawk went insane and constructed a toilet, that ended in a toss-up between them. After that situation, T-Dub became a pimp and gained many princesses, proclaiming that Mario only had one princess, thus T-Dub being superior. T-Dub then began his rapping career and formed a band using toys as instruments. Their first performance was in the Big Round Town, and proved to be a success. Eventually, T-Dub and his boys stopped playing games and started going on reigns with dames. T-Dub also attempted to become a basketball icon at this time. Whilst he was a top dog, it wasn't as successful as he would've wished. T-Dub also began a very small drug-trafficking career that ended swiftly.