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Fact Slam

  • They can cause a lot of trouble.
  • They live in oil barrels, not to be confused with barrels.


Trouble Bugs are bugs with a fiery personality. They are good friends with the Kongs.


Donkey Kong

Trouble Bugs help the Donkey Kong by hurting Grandpa Mario.

Wrecking Crew

Trouble Bugs were hired by King Koopa to assassinate Papa Mario, retroactively erasing Mario. Although they failed. Unlike Gotchawrenches and Eggplant Man, they were not banished into the infinity timeloop, because the Kongs protected them.

Mario Bros.

In an attempt to redeem their honor, the Trouble Bugs try to kill Mario and Luigi before they can find the timeloop to the Mushroom Kingdom. They fail again.


Trouble Bugs can hurt their enemies! That's gotta hurt!